Port of Dumaguete

Rizal Boulevard  Dumaguete City

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M/V GP Ferry 2 of George & Peter Lines. Copyright: mcgutib

Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Sunday and 6 AM

Fares start at  320 Pesos per Pax

M/V Filipinas Jagna of Cokaliong Lines. Copyright: mcgutib

 Departs every Tueday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at 7 AM

Fares start at  320 Pesos per Pax

Super Shuttle Ferry 12

Super Shuttle Ferry. Copyright: mcgutib

Departs daily at 5pm

Fares per Pax starts at  385 Pesos (Promo Fares at  308 only)

SUV/SEDAN- Php 3,500

Aleson Shipping Lines. Copyright: mcgutib

M/V Danica Joy departs daily at 4 AM

M/V Krisha Kerstin departs daily at 1:00 PM

M/V Ciara Joie 5 departs daily at 3:30 PM

Fares per person start at 350 Pesos/ Air-con accommodation at 450 Pesos

SUV/Sedan- Php 3,000 (Promo)

Motorcycle- Php 1200 (include the driver)

 Schedule: Departs daily at 6 AM 

Fares start at  352 Pesos per Pax

SUV/Sedan- Php 3,525

Motorcycle- Php 1,408 with driver

FastCat M6 cruising her way to Port of Dumaguete

FastCat M6 cruising her way to Port of Dumaguete. Copyright: mcgutib

Departs daily at 6AM, 2PM & 10 PM


M/V Filipinas Jagna of Cokaliong Shipping Lines

Every Sun-Tue-Wed-Thurs-Sat at 12 MN 

Fares start at  320 Pesos per Pax

M/V Georich one of the oldest ferry on service as of today. Copyright: mcgutib

Schedule: Monday,  Friday, and Saturday at 11 pm

Thursday at 9 AM

Fares start at  320 Pesos per Pax


M/V Zamboanga Ferry. Copyright: mcgutib

Schedule: Every Monday

Fare per Pax start at 750 Pesos 

M/V St. Michael the Archangel of 2GO Travel

Sched: Departs every Monday at 11:59 PM


GL Shipping Lines. Copyright: mcgutib

Schedule: Daily except Saturday at 5:45AM, 8 AM, 10 AM, 12NN, 3 PM & 4:00 PM

 Fare per Pax: Php 175 Air-con

M/V Ciara Joie of Aleson Shipping Lines. Copyright: mcgutib

Schedule: Departs daily at 8:30 AM/10:30 AM/ 3:30 PM & 6 PM

Fare per person 100 Pesos

Mountain Bike- 100 Pesos

Motorcycle- Php 680 with driver

Four-wheeled vehicle(SUV) 1,300 Pesos

Cebu-Tagbilaran-Dumaguete v.v route

Copyright: mcgutib

Schedule: Departs daily at 7:20 AM & 4:0 PM (for Siquijor, Siquijor)

9:40 AM & 6:20 PM for Larena, Siquijor

Fare per Fax: Php 235

LCT Delta Car Ferry

Delta Fast Ferries (no longer exist)

Schedule: Sun-Fri (10:15am & 4:30pm)/ Sat (9am, 12nn, & 4:30pm)

Pax Fare: Php 160

Montenegro Shipping Lines. Copyright: mcgutib

Daily Trips at 10 AM & 6 PM (goes to Port of Larena)

Daily Departure at 7 AM & 2 PM (goes to Siquijor, Siquijor)

Fare per Pax to Larena- Php 170 (economy)

To Siquijor – Php 130

Four-wheeled vehicle (SUV) 1,430 Pesos


Mbca Jaylann of GL Shipping Lines

Departs daily to Siquijor, Siquijor

Fares per Pax: Php 175 (Air-con)

Orlines Shipping Lines. Copyright: mcgutib

No schedule as of the moment


Dgte-Tagbi route

Schedule: Departs daily at  8:30 AM & 3:00 PM

Fares start at 700 Pesos per Pax


M/V St. Michael the Archangel of 2GO Travel

Depart every Wedneday at 1 PM

Featured Philippine Ports: ROXAS PORT

Port of Roxas, Brgy. Dangay in the town of Roxas, Oriental Mindoro


Dubbed as “The gateway to Paradise” Port of Roxas is the transient point for local and  foreign tourist, vacationers and backpackers, who want to travel in an inexpensive way to reach Caticlan- the jump-off to the world class resorts in Boracay Island.

Named after the late President Manuel Roxas, this town was formerly known as “Paclasan” originally part of the town of Bulalacao in the province of Oriental Mindoro-but later on transferred as barrio in Mansalay, before it got its present status.

The town of Roxas is accessible by all types of vehicles from the Southern and Northern parts of island via the national road. It is approximately 148 kilometers, or no less than three hours drive on a scenic and smooth road to and from the City of Calapan (jump-off to Batangas City).

The town is bounded in the north by the town of Bongabong; Tablas Strait in the east, the town of Mansalay in the south, and in the west is the portion of the town of Bongabong and Mansalay.

The town’s top industries includes Tourism, Agri-businesses, Aquaculture, and Transport services (shuttle buses and for-hire vans ferries locals, and tourist alike to and from the City of Calapan); and because of the continuous influx of travelers and cargoes transiting in this once laid back community, several commercial establishments mushroomed. This once sleepy town turned into a booming town and is fast urbanizing-it became a haven for Commerce and Eco-tourism businesses. Thanks to the development of the RORO Port and its inclusion in the Western Nautical Highway it definitely created positive growth.

PORT OF ENTRY:  Port of Roxas

Located in Barangay Dangay, approximately one (1) kilometer from town proper. Its geographical coordinates consist of;

LAT: 12° 35′ 30” N

LONG:  121° 30′ 45″ E

 Roxas Port form part of Philippine Ports Authority’s Strong Republic Nautical Highway (SRNH) project. Western Nautical Highway is consists of the RORO Ports in:

  1. Batangas
  2. Calapan, Oriental Mindoro
  3. Brgy. Dangay, Roxas Oriental Mindoro
  4. Caticlan, Malay Aklan
  5. Dumangas, Iloilo
  6. Bredco Port, Bacolod
  7. Dumaguete Negros Oriental
  8. Dapitan, Zamboanga del Norte

SRNH’s Western Nautical project facilitated the South/North bound movement of people and goods from Batangas City all the way down to Dapitan City, and vice versa. Data from sources say’s that from 2003 to 2006, vehicular traffic in Roxas Port increased to 46,218 from 9,269. During early year’s of port’s existence  only one registered RO-RO company operating in between Caticlan-Roxas route; but by 2006 it reaches to three roro/ferry operators. To date, shipping operators grew to four with seven vessels sailing back and forth round the clock, to capitalize the steady passenger and vehicle traffic in between this two ports especially during peak season. 

Inter-modal bus exiting Roxas Port

TMO Roxas is under the jurisdiction of Port Management of  Calapan. Their facilities includes a 7,270 sq. meters of well fenced lot area. Past the entrance gate is a building that houses the Office of PPA-TMO Roxas; inside the modern and air-conditioned Passenger Terminal is the waiting lounge complete with amenities such feeding area for breastfeeding  mothers, diaper changing area, hot and cold water dispenser, cable television, and of course clean comfort room (that was clean when I used it). A food kiosk for hungry travelers are also available upstairs.

This port has a two 9×9 meter fixed protruding ramp with depth of 4.5 meters designed to accommodate roro vessels. It also has berthing space for large motorized outrigger banca that ferries passengers in the nearby Tablas Island’s capital Odiongan (approximate distance of 30 nautical miles), for minimum fare of 335 pesos per person one way.

Port of Roxas has secured parking provision for travelers called Park and Sail, so much like the one in Manila Domestic Airport. Travelers from Manila or Batangas who brought their vehicles here but doesn’t wish to bring it to Caticlan, have an option to leave it at the port’s secured parking area for a fee of not less than 40 pesos per hour.

On the other hand, President Benigno Aquino III issued on the 14th February 2014, an Executive Order nos. 158-declaring and delineating Roxas Port Zone, and placing it under the administrative jurisdiction of the Philippine Ports Authority. (1)

Caticlan Jetty Port by the way is approximately 47 nautical miles from here, a four hours sailing for a minimum fare of 400 pesos per person one way. The following are shipping companies and their corresponding vessels that plies between Roxas and Caticlan (note: vessel departs every hours at most, from early in the morning until late evening).

  1. Montenegro Shipping’s M/V Reina Timotea, M/V Reina Del Cielo,  and M/V Reina de los Angeles.
  2. Starlite’s M/V Starlite Atlantic
  3. Asia Marine’s M/V Super Shuttle Ferry 18
  4. Philharbor’s (Navios Lines) M/V Grand Unity 

To view shipping schedule in between Port of Odiongan in Tablas Island and Roxas Port please do click on your mouse here: 2016 Schedules

To view shipping schedules in between Caticlan Jetty Port and Roxas Port please click your mouse here: Caticlan-Roxas  schedules


1. Executive Order nos. 158