Panoramic view of Port of Jagna

Shipping schedules and fares posted here are sourced from the  the shipping company’s ticketing personnel found in the Port of Jagna in Bohol Province. Related information can also be gathered either from the shipping company’s website or in the port of destination listed below. Schedules provided herein is accurate for the time being, but subject to change as per shipping operator’s policy. Other pertinent information regarding shipping operators, cargo rates, wharfage fees and policies can be found at the ticketing/booking office of shipping companies mentioned.

Shipping schedules are painstakingly gathered and updated every now and then- without being paid in return or getting any monetary commission from any of the mentioned shipping companies below. Your continued patronage (please share it on your Facebook account) and generous contribution -any kind- will be highly appreciated.

Disclaimer: The author, in any way, shall not be held liable for any damages -on personal and/or business related losses- caused by factual errors, omissions, or any unforeseen mistakes (I strive to make it accurate as much as possible, but being human it does happen) it might posted herein; nor it expresses any warranties for the information it provided here. THE USE OF INFORMATION ON THIS SITE IS AT YOUR SOLE RISK.

Furthermore, any comments/or statements raised by yours truly are of personal opinion only and does not, in anyway, reflects the opinion of any authoritative bodies, unless otherwise stated.

Images posted here belongs to the owner/author and are protected by COPYRIGHTS. Should you wish to use any of this images/photos please make sure you have permission to do so. No photo grabbing PLEASE!


Super Shuttle Ferry

Departs daily every 1 PM. Fares start at 425 Pesos + terminal fee.

Fast Ferries Corp.

Please check latest updates at the nearest ticketing booth.


Lite Ferries

Departs daily every 10 AM/10 PM . Fares start at 700 Pesos + terminal fee.

Cokaliong Shipping Lines

Departs every Sunday at 12 AM. Fares start at 700 Pesos + terminal fee.


Lite Ferries

Departs every Sunday at 10 AM and on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 PM. Fares start at 700 Pesos + terminal fee.

SUV fare- 6,110 Pesos (including driver) + terminal fee

Cokaliong Shipping Lines

Departs every Sunday at 12 AM. Fares start at 690 Pesos + terminal fee..


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