Shipping schedules and fares posted below are base from the information provided by theticketing booth found in Masbate City, particularly at the many ticketing booth found in Zurbito Street (and/or near the entrance of the Port itself). The information provided herein is accurate for the time being but subject to change as per shipping operator’s policyOther pertinent information regarding shipping operator and port terminal policies can be found at their own respective websites, Facebook pages, and/or at their designated ticketing offices found in the Port of destination mentioned below.

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M/V Almirante Federico


Masbate (ETD)

Pio Duran (ETD) Vessel


Daily at 12:30 PM  Daily at 2 AM  M/V Padre Pio   200 Pesos -Regular

Daily at 2 PM

5 AM & 4 PM Daily M/V King Frederick

– –

Daily a t 11 AM

M/V Nathan Matthew

– –

Discount rates applies to Student, PWD, Senior citizen.

Motorcycle (150cc)- 500 Pesos + wharfage fee

Private vehicle (SUV)- 2,000 Pesos + wharfage fee

Should you need additional information regarding this route you may contact the ff. mobile numbers:

For Masbate office- #0910 077 8780

Pio Duran- #0946 080 9715

M/V Padre Pio


Schedule and contact infos




Masbate (ETD)



No Schedule

No Schedule

Trans-Asia Shipping

Saturday at 7 PM

Saturday at 7 PM  Filipinas Maasin

Php 860 Economy

Port of Pilar



Masbate City (ETD)



5 AM 5- 6 AM

360- Economy

8:30 AM

8 AM

12 NN

12 NN

Php 540  Tourist


4 PM

Discount fares are available to Student, PWD and Senior Citizen

Motorcycle fare- 1,440 Pesos + wharfage fee

Private vehicle fare (sedan/SUV)-  2,880/3,600 Pesos + wharfage fee

M/V Regina Calixta II 


Departs daily at 12 NN



Masbate City to Batangas City– Every Monday at 11 AM

Four-wheel vehicle fare: 7,280 Pesos (one way)

Six-wheel vehicle fare: 12,500 Pesos

Masbate City to Cebu City– Every Wednesday at 12 NN

Four-wheel vehicle fare: 6,000 Pesos (one way)

Six-wheeler vehicle fare: 12,500 (one way)

Cagayan de Oro– Php 1,200 per person (Economy)

Contact Masbate branch office at tel. nos. (056) 582 1294 for updated schedule.



  1. I would like to know the ferry boat availability from masbate to bulan. Is there a daily departure during th month of May. Thanks for any response you can provide.


  2. The last time I check Batangas Port I was told by the ticketing personel that there was no ship available for that route-that was way back May of this year, I suspect it will last for more than two months no less.


  3. Hello! I am going to Legazpi, Albay from Cebu on 07/29 and I am actually having second thoughts on which route I’ll take. I have taken a look into Cebu to Masbate via Cokaliong and this is actually okay. My concern is the route coming back to Cebu. I’m just wondering if it’s possible to arrive back in Cebu City on early morning of July 31st. Any ideas will be highly appreciated. thanks


    • Hi, your schedule seem to be very tight. Anyway, I suggest you try Cataingan, Masbate to Bogo, Cebu on your way back home instead of Masbate City to Cebu City via Cokaliong- it is more faster and cheaper, they say.


    • I’m sorry to say but the best answer to your question is to probably call the number provided or might as well visit their office in Batangas Port. I had gut feeling that Super Shuttle 3 is sailing on this route already, but then again it’s best to confirm it yourself. Happy Holidays!


  4. Hi how much kaya ang fare sa Roro ng 2 adult passenger and 1 vehicle(sedan car) from Cebu to Masbate then to Bicol? Actually Im going to Batangas via Bicol…


  5. We took the Masbate-Pio Duran Sta Clara King Frederick last 13 July 2016 and it was a bad experience for us since the 2 air-conditioners in the cabin part of the ferry were not working at all. It was fine if this was notified in advance to the passengers so that we could look for a seat where there is good ventilation. My husband went to approach the official (could be the captain or any crew) inside the bridge and he told that when the ship starts to move that is the time it will operate and that he will send his crew to check it. Time came but no no improvement was felt inside this room. So my husband went up again to complain and an official went down to check the situation. Too bad this crew insisted that there is an aircon inside but I said, yes you have air-conditioner but it is now working properly because it is emitting a hot air blow instead of a cool air. When I told him that they should notify the passenger in advance, he told me why I am looking for aircon room when the ticket I paid for did not say that it has aircon, So this guy is totally un-professional – no manners at all in dealing with their customers. My poor mother was suffering inside that room since we could not find a good place anymore where there is a good ventilation. It should not have happened if information was disseminated in advance so we would not insist on staying in that room. According to our interview with the staff catering noodles/snack chips, that condition of the room without aircon remains like that for about months already. So the question is whose fault is this? is it the shipping company for not sending a good aircon-tech or is it the captain’s problem ignoring the situation of the passengers inside? I write this in favor of the future passengers who could not air their complaints directly to the captain or the crew. I hope this will help to correct the situation. I am with the people who are deprived with their rights for fair treatment. I say fair treatment because in the same fleet, there were 3 young ladies and 1 man inside staying inside the aircon bridge. The captain does not care at all that passenger cabin on the 2nd level since he is already in a nice condition. But again the point here is that they should give proper information to the passengers that the condition inside that cabin is not liveable and that they should not give passengers false hope that the aircon will work once the ferry departs from the port.


    • I agree with everything you’ve just said. I, for one, having been on your shoes a couple of times, had a terrible experience with shipping company’s insensitivity, ship crew’s rudeness, lack of empathy and often disregard to passenger’s welfare while on-board their ships. The truth is, our complaints are few of the many grievances not being heard by government authorities such as MARINA, Philippine Coast Guard, and the DOTC.

      Let me assure all readers that this website I created welcomes any posting of complaints regarding ship travels and shipping companies -violating or ignoring the welfare of its passengers. I would encourage everyone to air your grievances here so that in due time we may forward it to the proper authorities.


      • Thanks lot Migu. This is now the time for change. Nkakaawa nmn ang mga kbabayan nating mga polite at sinsamantala nila ang mga kabaitan nito. Ngbbayad tayo ng tama pero ang serbisyo nman nila ay hindi tama. That is truly unfair para sa mga kababayan nating walang choice kundi sumakay sa barko nila.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Hi gosto ko sana pontang Masbate kaya LNG diko alam kong papano ko kokontak s inyo at gosto kong malaman ang fare sa barko from Batagas to Masbate.please…thank u


    • Hello po.
      Batangas to Masbate po ay 655 pesos via Super Shuttle RoRo-di ko po sure kung may biyahe na sya ngayun. Meron din pong mga bus sa may Araneta Cubao na ang destinasyon eh pa-Masbate po, yun nga lang baka lampas 1000 pesos ang pamasahe.


      • sir good good evening po. magkano po kaya pamsahe mula po dito. batangas papuntang masbate. by december 15,2016,’ po? salamat


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